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f you're looking for a review on a "chick flick" or a mainline game like Monopoly, you are not only in the wrong place, you are not a true gamer, you are a part time gamer.  Here we will post reviews on movies only Eddie X enjoys watching or has seen and will try and save you from wasting your time.  Of course, this is predicated on the fact that you share Eddies interest and taste in movies. 


We all play a game with Eddie that we call, stump the film buff.  We name a star and he tells us the movies that star was in.  We name a movie and he tells us who stared in it.  We name a scene in a movie and he can tell us the movie and the star who was in it.  It's really spooky.

On the game side of reviews, we have Daryl weighing in on what to play and where to find it.  He has to be an expert in this area because he has more games in his collection than all the rest of us put together.  When no one cares to run a role playing game on occasion, we look to Daryl for a board game to play.  It doesn't take long for him to produce a game because he always has something in his car ready to play.  I think he takes "being prepared" much too seriously.

Now if you are trying to wean yourself from that "X-Box", your hands are cramping and your eyes can't stop darting around, sit back, relax and scroll down to our world.  You may find a movie or game you'll like.



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Home again, home again, jigity jig.
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