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he cosmic planes are neither here nor there. But... within the planes exist masses of lands that are disconnected. You would find that they are without edges or borders. If you were to explore the outer regions of any of these land masses, looking for the end or edge, you would not find it. You would travel forever.

Each of these land masses are independent of each other. Travel between them can only be achieved through magic. The makeup of each land is different. What I mean by that, is each one is a different type of society. Different beliefs, values, living styles and more. Most of these inhabitants don’t even know that other lands exist. For the few that do, it is a struggle in a world designed to appease the Gods. Which brings me to the focus of the characters mission in this game.

The Gods are just plain greedy. It’s not the material things in life they covet, the Gods want to be worshiped. That’s all. Nothing short of “you are the almighty” will due for them. The Gods gain their strength from their worshipers. The more there are, the stronger the God. Which leads us into why your characters exist and for what reason.

You work for a God. Your job is to assimilate worshipers into worshiping your God.... and that’s not all. For that same price, you get to assimilate the land as well. Let me explain... When a group of inhabitants are convinced, by force or other means, to follow your God, their portion of land mass migrates to join the holdings of your God. When they are displaced, nobody remembers them at all. It is as if they were never there. Were they go, they feel they have always been. It’s all part of the magic.

Your character assignments will be given to you by a high priest who speaks with your God. Your missions would be anywhere between, initializing the conversion of a village, town or city toward the belief in your God, to a total defensive posture in fending off others who would try and steal the worshipers you are trying to convert for your God.


This game will now be played by e-mail.  If you should want to be involved, please go to the forum and check out the topic "Shenie".  Keep in mind, I'm just one guy here trying to run this game with what time I have to devote to it.  So... I will have to impose a limit, as to how many players I can accommodate.  When I reach my limit, I'll be turning players away or I'll start a list for players want to join when an active player bugs out.  It will be on a "first come, first served" basis.   If you are interested, contact me by clicking on Kahuna1.  Send me an e-mail with any questions you may have.  Or... check out the tags below for information on the game.


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