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Here, in the Vamp Chronicles, "The Touch Of Blood" is an on going RPG (Role Playing Game) campaign, using the Cyberpunk rules of character creation and engagement.  The storyline is not based on any particular story or script, if you find a resemblance.. it is purely coincidental.

OK.. Right... What can you have a Vampire do that hasn't been written about?  Who hasn't borrowed ideas and concepts from the original story?  I have incorporated a number of concepts that I’m sure have been played out in many different vampire stories.  I have stitched them together to come up with a storyline we could use for this game. I hope you like how it unfolds as it's played out by those who are involved.

The state of the world and it's controlled chaos is as it's described in Cyberpunk 2020™.  It's a world of normal humans that exist with blissful ignorance above a world of Vampires and Vamp-Hunters that maintain control over them from the shadows in the night.  This is the playground for our imagination.   A world where we suspend our disbelief and the characters we play do unbelievable things... both good and bad.


Bob Furginson
Vamps game controller
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Have you ever wondered why the human race has been in a perpetual war since the first two groups of humans found each other? Why would two peaceful tribes jump at a chance to kill each other over nothing?  Why did one try to enslave or exterminate the other? Why have there been so few masters for so many?  The answer then was to give them the names of Heroes and Demons for their behavior. At some point in history, a new name was given to them... Vampires

You would think that a human leach would be nothing more than a small problem, compared to all the big ones humanity faces in the year 2034. With the different factions of groups in their lives, each trying to establish greater influence and control over the other, who would give Vampires a second thought?  Except, of course, to exploit them in nightmarish stories of horror.

What if we looked closer into the darkness at a society of blood vultures that have been hidden within the human ranks since the dawn of mankind? What if we had a closer understanding of what these human leaches really represented? We may want to forget about what we’ve read, or watched in a movie, these things are living among us. These things called Vampires, have gone native and taken control of a part of the food chain that is the most cognitive link in nature.. and that would be you, the common human.

The premise for this storyline is simple.  The Vampires are in control from the places they hide.  Most of their control is done vicariously through their human agents.  They keep to the shadows in this world of governments propped up by the corporations.  They are the society within, that exists entwined with the society mankind has grown to know.  

For those who have cooperated with them, wishes for immortality, wealth and positions of power have been obtained.  For those who would expose them to the public, life would be short.

There are guiding principles Vamps live by... in spite of the fact that they consume humans.  Their convictions are simple:

  • Vamps will not kill Vamps
  • Vamps will honor the 13 Tribes
  • Vamps will not seek recognition from un-trusted humans
  • Vamp-Hunters require Tribal sanction
  • Vamphunters will be human

The principals in this game are the Vamp Hunters. Characters that are controlled by the players. The Vamp hunters are hired by the Vampires to maintain control within the ranks of the Vampires.


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