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irst let us say that gaming is not an addiction. We can stop gaming anytime we want! We have just not chosen to stop exercising our imaginations yet. Yes, it's a conscious choice...errr..well it must be...I mean I think it is. Anyway, some of us have been gaming together for over 20 years. Oh, and most of us have long term relationships, kids, professional jobs and good personal hygiene. Our choice of game genres is as varied as our personalities, we'll play pretty much anything as long as two or more members want to try it.

Currently, the nine of us would much rather be an active part of making a story (through our character's actions) than passively experiencing somebody else's story on television or even than reacting with the limited palette offered in computer games. We have found that the rich imaginations of our friends always provide exciting, entertaining and surprising directions for the stories we are creating/playing out. Yeah, back in the day... when miniatures were as close to 3-D as you could get, we got use to envisioning a scene through the use of colorful description.

With today's button pushing generation and how fast the graphics are catching up with reality, many people equate gaming with quickly pushing keys in the proper combinations. The ranks of "old-style" gamers are thinning, though we are pleased to find that almost every time a newcomer joins one of our games, they quickly become the converted. We look forward to the day when online gaming will allow diverse and geographically disadvantaged friends to easily add their input to a game session including altering graphics to match their descriptions. But until that time.... we'll just have to suffer the social stigma of being "geek" gamers and will have to endure the condescension that goes along with the question "you play Dungeons & Dragons?". We laugh, we play, we break wind after a good Mexican meal, we joke, and we ridicule each other... it's all good fun.

We have also included on our site a chat board to communicate with others in fairly real time.  (To be honest, we normaly pick up a phone for that.)  A forum in which we trade information, as well as insults between characters and sometimes players.  A few pages about the games we play.  Our home page, which by the way, we will be changing the quotes from Shakespear's plays as often as we can... and, if you click on the picture of Greg, a friend we will never forget, there is a special page dedicated to him in his memory.  Under the mailbox tag, members and friends of our group can access their mail. 

Click on reviews and you will find out how some of our members feel about movies and games, with a little ranting about other thing that concern us.  Head for the shorts page and you may find some creative works in story telling, a short film or two (if we ever get them off the ground) and a few scenes from the games we played and thought were pretty creative.  Last, but not least, an area didicated to the sites we like and feel you may be interested in as well.


Getting a bit friendly, are we.

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Home again, home again, jigity jig.
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