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ne of the better ideas that seems to have worked out well, was incorporating the use of real house plans in our Vamps game. 

When your situation is a firefight in or around a house, find some sample house plans on the net and blow them up to match the scale of your miniatures.  You will then have an instant map to the interior of a house.  Well... not quite instant.  You do need an art program that can handle scaling the floor plan large enough.  (Don't worry about the resolution, it'll be fuzzy but it's a one time use floor plan.)

As for the printing of the scaled up floor plan, you need a printer that can handle multiple sheets of your tipical 8.5"X11" paper for a single printing.  Most of the printers that are about 2 to 3 years old should be able to handle it. 

When you get the whole thing printed out and taped together, you have a game map of a house that you can scribble anything on it you want, because normally, it's a single use item for a one time encounter and you're done with it.

Now, I'm not advocating the misuse of copyrighted material here, so by all means, should you pull a copy of some floor plan off the net, it is not yours to sell or give away.  It is a gaming aid to help make your game a little more exciting.

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