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The Vamp Chronicles is currently being played every other Sunday.  This game is an abstract storyline based on Cyberpunk™ using the Cyberpunk™ rules for play. Bob runs this game where the players work and hunt for Vampires.

Paragons of Cormyr is currently played every other Friday and run by Chris.  He takes great notes and seems to be putting together a future book deal.

The Red Cloak Ride (formally known as DarkHold) is currently on hold for a while because of Eric's job requirements and a time constraint.  Pre 3.5 AD&D, this game was started by Chris and is now run by Eric, who can't stop himself when it comes to detail.

Currently on hold

e are "gamers".  Those of us who are able to, get together each week on Friday or Sunday evening and have a good meal together as we talk about that evening's game.  We then clear the table, break out our books and writing pads, the chocolate, the chips and dip, the soda and let the game begin.  There are no computer games, cards or boards to go around and around with, just a few guidelines a story concept and a lot of imagination.  The question that gets asked more often than not at the beginning of any session is; "Where's my character and what's he doing?" (Like if none of you game masters out there have heard that line before.)   Our Game Master's normal reply is; "Why can't you guys remember this stuff?."  ...Well, at least that's the answer I get from Eric, when I ask that question every damn time he runs his game.  Then Eric says the words that precede every game, "'When last we left our intrepid adventurers...", and I know all is right with the world... well, at least in the gaming world that is.

Clicking on the titles to the left will take you to the campaigns we are currently involved with as well as campaigns we have adventured through and put on hold for one reason or another.  A few of the campaigns we have adventured through have passed from one Game Master to another.  Check out our FORUM, If you think you might be interested in a little chatter.  Don't expect to hear from any of us right away, gaming is a hobby to us, not a life style... OK... Don't go to the FORUM.  You might find that our hobby may be more than we intended.

Currently, The Vamp Chronicles and Paragons of Cormyr are the campaigns we are developing.  The fortunate part about our gaming group, is that we each take the helm as Game Master so each one of us has a chance to become a player or victim, as the case may be, in someone else's world.

Have fun reading what's been posted so far and we hope you find a little pleasure in reading what we have written.  Maybe it may give you some ideas for your own campaign.


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Home again, home again, jigity jig.
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