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Greg Smith as Ha'aan

e would like to think that we could only die of old age, in our sleep, having already placed all of our affairs in order. With the exception of those who would like to go out in a blaze of glory, most of us would rather go in our sleep. As we get older, most of us experience the loss of family members or friends, leaving us behind with our memories of them.

I used to think, when I was about 16, that I wouldn't make it past the age of 35. With the Viet Nam war raging at full force and the culture of drugs helping a lot of people cope or escape those troubling times, getting old was not exactly on my mind at that age. It wasn't until I got a little older and allot wiser that I discovered a different perspective on life and living. It was around my late 30's, I decided that I wanted to live forever. In reality, I know that living forever is something that will only be found in a story book place like Shangri-La. So until someone comes up with a pill that will keep us all young forever, we do the best we can to live as long as we can.

Well, I made it to my 50's and have grieved the loss of many a good friend and family members along the way. One of these good friends happened to be Greg Smith, a Friday night gaming buddy. That's him, pictured above... the guy on the left. I took that picture of him and doctored it up to make it appear to be one of the characters he played named Ha'aan the Bard.

Greg was an amazing person. His job took him to more countries than I can recall him mentioning. His family life was a loving relationship. His participation in the Friday night gaming was his pleasure, which took him to countries that only existed in our collective imaginations. Gaming took him to places with characters that you would only find in a movie or a good book. His imagination was a part of our pretend worlds and what he has left behind for us, are the memories and fun times we all had creating and playing in these worlds.

We miss him dearly,

Bob Furginson



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